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Fever Hotel is art darling, take that how you may.  
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What is Fever Hotel?

Not sure actually...but it makes my heart go all a fluttery whatever it is...I don't think Ashley has much of an idea either.

How did you two meet?

Ashley emailed me from her Europe adventures to see if I was keen to do a shoot with her, I just presumed she was knee deep in rad shoots and said yes, met her at our friends wedding and unloaded an outrageous plan upon her...she looked freaked out, so I backed off a bit and smiled politely...

What were your first impressions of Ash?

Freaked out, professional, and really really nice, like, so nice.

Tell us about your first collaboration? How did that come about?

Well, the crazy plan that I blew her brains out with at the wedding actually happened, she took photos for 14 hours of a group of about 10 of our mutual friends dressed in my decorated clothes. It was wild and exhausting and ended up with me on the floor in my underwear getting regurgitated spaghetti thrown at me. It was love at first collab, she nailed it.

What's your favourite thing about working with Ash...

We have worked with each other many times and have gotten real up in each others brains, we can pretty much read each others minds now.  When Ash says 5 more minutes she means 2 more hours, she can get a lil snappy, and that's hot. She lets me try out some shit that doesn't always work. She has great vision and wont stop till she's captured it. Our ideas are always huge and colourful and most people wouldn't bother, but we do and it's fucking great.  

Say you're a millionaire, taking Ash on a date, what does the night hold?

Well first, we would get dressed up absolutely fucking fabulously outrageous and sparkly severely over the top while drinking $10 champagne, then we would jump in a helicopter and fly to somewhere close enough that we don't pass out before we arrive. We would have plentiful cocaine for the ride, good chats.  We arrive somewhere really snooty and fancy, and we are too loud and silly for the other patrons so they leave, and we have the whole place to ourselves. We start to believe we are actually in a movie. It turns out to be a world class hotel, so we make the most of the luxuries and run around in bare feet exploring every level. We wake up drooling into a velvet covert heart shaped bed on god knows what level, looks like we may have lit it on fire at some stage too, luckily I am rich enough to afford miracle hangover cures so we feel fine. Yeah that sounds fun, I think we forgot to eat though.

What is Fever Hotel?

The best kind of bad love affair.

How did you two meet?

I worked in a cafe about 7 or 8 years ago this badass girl used to come in and get breakfast on the regular. She always got the eggs bene, that cafe had killer hash browns. She had a blonde bob, blunt fringe, spider lashes, tattoos and was more often than not - wearing platforms. Instant girl crush. There was something electric about her. I knew we would meet again. I was too shy to say anything to her at the cafe, so a couple years later I looked her up an emailed her to collaborate.

What were your first impressions of Xoe?

I was a little bit intimidated. Xoe is a total style queen, she's rebellious, stunning, mysterious and magical all at once. The cooler older sister I always wanted...

Tell us about your first collaboration? How did that come about?

Flashes of painted denim, glitter, tassels, leather, thigh high boots, gorgeous gals, bad boys, bright colours and spaghetti throwing. Xoe had dreamed up and painted this series of rebellious babes and called it The Pop Rebellion. She decorated a bunch of garments to go along with her exhibit and we photographed them one Sunday. 8 of our mutual friends as models, 4 locations, 14 hours, and a trashy spaghetti video shoot later, we were done, and we had a shit load of fun. I couldn't stop shooting, I was obsessed, it was like we we're bringing the rebel babes in her paintings to life. 

What's your favourite thing about working with Xoe...

Xoe is a square peg in a round hole, she pushes the boundaries and doesn't take no for an answer. Ideas come so easily with her. I'm the most inspired when we create shit together, we're on the same wavelength. I never know what's going to happen, but it's always so fucken cool. Xoe's the yin to my yang the Elvis to my blue suede shoes, she's my pop art muse.

Say you're a millionaire, taking Xoe on a date, what does the night hold?

We'd be feeling absolutely fabulously gorgeous, flowing champagne & strawberries, black hummer limo, a cheesy Elvis impersonator, desert sundown picnic, glam karaoke, dancing on bars, no rules. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.