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Hotline, Dial 1 for... Tami Neilson, SASSAFRASS

Hotline, Dial 1 for... Tami Neilson, SASSAFRASS

Rolling Stone knows it, we know it, now you do too. Tami Neilson is breathing an unapologetic fire into our bellies! With wit quick as a whip, a hearty laugh and hot hot SASSAFRASS, Tami rocks our rhinestone cowgirl socks right off. Bow down, Queen Tami is in the Fever Hotel house!

Sassafrass is out in June!

1. Tell us about your worst hotel experience? 

I was doing a gig in Tahiti, walked into my beautiful hotel room and a cockroach the size of a shoe scuttled across my foot. I am ashamed to say, I called room service and cowered in the corner until they arrived with a can of bug spray (that was about the same size as the roach, so, it just kinda made it slightly woozy and they carried it out). I still rate it a 5, because the actual hotel was amazing and I am easily bought by nice linen and fruit baskets.

2. A typical day in the life of Tami goes...

If you don't want glamorous illusions shattered by reality, I suggest you skip this 3-year-old wanders into our bed somewhere between 5:30-6:30. I buy 20 more minutes in bed with cartoons on low volume on my laptop while I, Mother of the Year, snooze- don't judge me. Then, my 6-year-old wanders in around 6:30 and it's all on- make their breakfast, pack lunches, get them dressed, teeth-brushed, find missing shoes and into the car for school/kindy drop-off. Then, it's boot camp/exercise for an hour, home to shower and get ready for a FaceTime meeting with my management in Canada, head into town for a radio interview, followed by a photo shoot, then race back home, pick up some groceries and pick up my boys from school in full make-up and false eyelashes from photo shoot (always get some interesting looks on those days). Take them home, put away groceries, fold some laundry and start dinner (unless hubby doesn't get stuck in traffic on way home- then he's on dinner!) throw the kids in the shower, get soaked from head to toe, bedtime stories and lullabies (their current fave is "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" in full munchkin voice- again, don't judge me.). Then, dinner with hubby, clean up, admin on the laptop in bed before we both treat ourselves to one blessed hour of "The Crown" (interrupted by 6 year old coming in to use our toilet...and then 5 min later say he needs his elephant that he left in toilet...and then 5 min later that he forgot to "tell us something", which is usually something really important like, "I hurt my toe on my pillow". The End. (There, you should be nice and sleepy, too, after reading that...)

3. What’s you’re the biggest peeve about humanity today?

Lack of compassion and empathy for people who are not like you. That's where every problem stems from.

4. What makes you really fucken happy?


5. If you only had 5 words to explain you’re new album what would they be? 

Ass-shakin' celebration of SASS!

6. What did you love about collaborating with Fever Hotel?

EVERY. THING. Two incredibly creative women who are passionate about what they do and their excitement is contagious. I felt like a joyous 10 year old, playing dress-ups with her best girlfriends. Walking into this bright and bold set they'd created in the middle of Xoe's lounge and seeing the dress Xoe had created on a stand in the middle of it was a MAGICAL moment. It was like Christmas morning...let's do it again, please!



Hotline Dial 1 for... Judith X Rusty Cuts

Hotline Dial 1 for... Judith X Rusty Cuts