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At the Minibar...To My Lady Utena, Linda M. Crate

At the Minibar...To My Lady Utena, Linda M. Crate

To my lady utena


to my lady utena

it's too late to say

that i'm sorry

even if i've said it a thousand times before

i know that i have to let you go,

and i'll try to stop crying

but i know that i will never be over this;

our skies fell long before they were dead

we were meant to be a tapestry

of magic

shining together like stars in the night's sky

for we were the goodness of darkness that few


but i used my tongue as a sword

wounded you in ways

i cannot begin to understand or fathom

but i know some things cannot be forgotten even

if they're forgivenβ€”

never had the bravery nor the courage to tell me

you were the only woman i have ever loved

because it terrified me at the time

i was shamed of who i was,

but i have never stopped thinking of you;

you always struck me as otherworldly

the faerie of the roses who awoke the dreaming in me again

when i thought it was dead and who taught me

our scars make us beautifulβ€”

i may never be your anthy,

but you have always been revolutionary;


- linda m. crate

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