best kind of bad love affair. 

Hotline...Dial 1 for Constance Mary

Hotline...Dial 1 for Constance Mary

Hotline...Dial 1 for Constance Mary

We love Constance's distinct eye for style, her unique visual taste and how she is constantly capturing raw emotion and females in all their female glory, and we love how she is unapologetic, tender and emotional! Constance thank you for being our first interview date, we're so happy to feature you, you're a special lady! 🌹

1.     Tell us, what's your favourite thing about staying at a hotel? The mini bar? The pool? The complimentary slippers? The lighting?

Oh, I love the little details of personality that they try to give the rooms. The print of a rolling hill scene. I also love how the room next door is often a mirror image of the other, with the same rolling hill print.

2.     You're living in Tokyo, we can only imagine how cool that is, tell us all about it.

It’s my dream come true. I just came back from staying with a Japanese homestay family for the weekend at a beautiful lake with swans and the most magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. Tokyo is crazy, I adore every second I’m here, I am surprised and in awe.

3.     We love your style, what are your influences and how do you translate them into your work?

My biggest love of my life is Leonard Cohen, his words are honey.

4.     We are curious, what has been your most interesting/romantic/creepy hotel experience, rate it 1-5 stars?

A recent experience was staying at the RITZ in Tokyo. I met Mia and Jessica through the beautiful world of the Instagram DM-Slide and we swum in the fancy pool, and sat at the massive window in our undies watching the lights of Tokyo, and woke up to the sun rising making the buildings pink. So special. The room was so big and grand!

5.     When it comes to matters of the heart, do you find your work reflects this?

I am an unapologetically tender and emotional person.

6.     If you could collab with one person, dead or alive, who would it be, what would you do?

All I really want is to be in a Neil Breen film.

7.     Anything else you'd like to share with us? Any secrets?

This isn’t really a secret but on Monday I was late for school so I put on whatever was close to my bed. As I got to school I realised I had no bra on and was way too late to turn back so I went to the toilet with a roll of cellotape and wrapped it around my body and made one.

Credit where it's due:

Photographed & styled by - Constance Mary // Model - Rose-Meri of Unique // Make Up - Gena Bagley // Can't get enough of Constance! More of her DREAMY work on Instagram - @princess.constance

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